Introduction to my work


My name is Dr. Dimitrios Lenis and I have been involved in alternative medicine since 1975, then formally graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1988. After almost 50 years in the natural healing field, I believe that whatever you do to try and improve your health, it must be sustainable. Quick fixes don’t really solve problems, in fact, they usually make them worse. For example, you may have heard that dieting doesn’t work for weight loss because as soon as you get off the diet, you end up gaining more weight than you did before you started the diet.

To enjoy good health, the key point is to find the right lifestyle, and it must be tailored to your needs. You got to find your lifestyle, which is different for every individual. Once you find and follow it, you will be finally in charge of your health including your ability to prevent disease, your power to recover from disease, your energy levels, the speed of aging, your weight, your mental and emotional health, and all the other health challenges you might have to face in the future.
Now that I am semi-retired, and after pressure from many friends and patients, I got the time to share the many things I have learned about lifestyle and healthier living. My hope is that I can help you understand yourself and find the lifestyle that is perfect for you.

To find the best lifestyle for you, it would be most useful to have a guide or structure to follow. The one I like to use the most is a triangle model, in particular, that was recommended by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, music, geometry, and geometry. He once said that in nature, all problems can be solved through a right-handed triangle.

When it comes to healing, I like to use the following triangle as a model:

There are 3 main factors that must be considered to find and create the perfect lifestyle for you: Mind, Body, and Diet. The biggest factor is the mind. Psychological health plays the most important role in keeping you healthy or making you sick.
In my experience, a healthy mind is a result of 2 basic requirements: self-confidence, which comes from finding and developing your talents, and emotional stability in your relationships so that you can feel safe no matter what trouble life brings you. Of course, other work might need to follow such as addressing trauma, dealing with depression, and treating any other psychological problems, however, without the 2 basic requirements taken care of, no treatment offers real healing.

One of the most fun and amazing ways I have found to find innate talents and develop self-confidence and to improve relationships is numerology. Having studied and practiced many types of numerology, I developed my own more practical methods, which I have shared through books and seminars.

There are 2 ways of using numerology. One is the traditional way of adding birthday numbers, which is surprisingly accurate, ranging from 70% to even 100% for some people. However, there is an even more powerful way that I have been trying to develop, that uses numerology as a way of understanding all things in our environments, so birthday or name calculations are not needed.

In this method, we learn how to categorize all things in terms of 9 basic types, so from just looking at a person, we can tell what their personality is about. For example, there are 9 types of hairstyles, 9 types of clothing styles, 9 types of handbags, 9 body shapes, 9 types of speech, 9 types of food preferences, and so on. I have introduced this method in the book, “Follow your Body Rhythm”, and teach it in my seminars. It is very useful in any type of communication since from one glance you can tell what the person you are talking to really wants to hear in order to be convinced, which includes anything from sales, love relationships, communicating with children, etc. It is also a powerful method for understanding yourself to levels well beyond traditional birthday-based numerology.


After the mind, the other two factors, the diet and body, must also be looked at to identify what is best for you. As far as diet, you need to understand what your body wants and what to avoid. This includes identifying your body type, food sensitivities, and allergies, what nutrients you are deficient in, what nutrients you need to add to help solve your health problems, how to solve digestion and elimination problems, and how to use air/breathing for healing and maximization of the immune system, how to use sunlight for healing, etc.


Sleep is the first thing we need to look at when it comes to the body factor. We all know that sleep is kind of the basis of health, since it’s during sleep that the body does the most repair of the body. However, to get good sleep, many factors can stand in the way. You need to figure out what you need for good sleep in order to stay healthy and improve your healing power.

Next, you need to address your body structure challenges. Due to your daily movements including your posture, work position, injuries, stress, etc., your muscles and joints change over time to face the challenges presented. This results in myofascial build-up and damage, which blocks healthy nerve and blood flow, causes muscle and joint pain and degeneration and even changes your psychological status. This damage can be helped through exercise and stretching, but can only be healed by hands-on myofascial therapy, like the method I practice in my clinic.


Finding what is unique about your mind and body is certainly challenging, but it is not enough. You also need to learn how to take care of yourself, and how to give yourself what is needed for health. This is in fact the purpose of my work in general.

I offer personal consulting to find out more about yourself on all levels, treatments to improve your physical structure through my myofascial and chiropractic techniques, and classes on healthy and delicious cooking, music, dance therapy, stretching, and many other fun activities. I hope I can be of service to you to help you take control of your health, beauty, and wellbeing once and for all! For more information, please contact me directly through my social media links.