About Dr. Lenis

Born in Greece, Dr. Dimitrios Lenis grew up in Canada where he studied at the University of British Columbia and then studied Chiropractic at the Los Angeles School of Chiropractic (now renamed Southern California University of Health Sciences).

Dr. Dimitrios Lenis本籍希腊,成长于加拿大。他在英属哥伦比亚大学接受教育后,进入洛杉矶脊椎神经医学院(现已更名为南加州健康科学大学)就读。

After graduation in 1988 he joined his father Dr. Spiros Lenis (Ph.D. in nutrition) in opening a natural healing and detox resort in Vancouver, Canada called Hippocrates School of Nutrition, that ran 1 to 3-week live-in detox and health lifestyle training programs. Upon his father’s retirement, the center was closed and reopened on the Greek island, Salamina. Dr. Lenis then opened a clinic nearby in Athens, Greece and was soon discovered by the top Greek Olympic Athletes, that he helped through the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. During that time, he developed special tools and techniques to treat the serious myofascial issues of the athletes.

1988年毕业后,他与父亲Dr. Spiros Lenis(营养学博士)合作,在加拿大温哥华创办了自然疗养和排毒度假中心-希波克拉底营养学校,提供1至3周的住宿排毒和健康生活方式训练。在Dr. Spiros Lenis退休后,将中心迁至希腊的Salamina岛。Dr. Lenis还在希腊雅典附近开设了一家诊所。他的卓越治疗技术得到了希腊顶级奥运运动员的认可,并在2000年和2004年奥运会期间发挥了重要作用。在此期间,他开发了专门的工具和技术,有效解决这些运动员面临的严重肌筋膜问题。

Dr. Lenis was part of the 2003 opening of a 5-star natural anti-aging and detox center near Taipei, Taiwan called the Lotus Hill Health Bank. There he designed and ran all the trainings, therapies, and was executive chef of the low temperature restaurant called, “Kodiko” then later renamed, “Doctors Kitchen”. In the years that followed Dr. Lenis has been a consultant to Life Infinity Anti-aging Clinic in Guangzhou, Dr. Come Clinic in Taipei, Angel Face Group, and given trainings in many aspects of natural anti-aging and mind body health in Canada, USA, Greece, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and many cities in mainland China. Dr. Lenis has also published 7 books on natural anti-aging and mind body development and health that are still popular in Chinese speaking Asian countries.

Dr. Lenis于2003年参与筹备台湾台北备受推崇的五星级自然抗衰和排毒中心,名为莲花山健康银行。在此职位上,他负责设计并实施中心提供服务内容的技术培训。此外,他还担任中心低温烹饪餐厅的执行主厨,最初名为“Kodiko”,后来更名为“医生厨房”。

随后的几年里,Dr. Lenis成为医疗机构的顾问,包括广州生命汇、台北Dr. Come Clinic和Angel Face Group。他在加拿大、美国、希腊、香港、冲绳、日本、韩国、新加坡、台湾、马来西亚以及中国大陆多个城市进行了自然抗衰和身心健康的知识和技术分享。

Dr. Lenis是一位多产的作者,已经出版了七本关于自然抗衰、身心发展和健康的书籍,这些书籍在说中文的亚洲国家仍然受到欢迎。


Dr. Lenis has provided training for the following groups:

Black Rock, Chanel, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Nokia, Far Eastern Telephone-ATT, Merrill Lynch, NEC, ICRT Taiwan, Elizabeth Arden, Oris, Hess Language institute, Taipei Medical University, Lee and Li law firm, Shin Guang Securities, Nara-Camicee Japan, China Trust Bank, Taiwan Eastern Bank, KGI, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, South East Travel, National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Republic of China, Taiwan Secretary Association, ING Insurance, Ikebana International Taiwan and Okinawa, Phihong Technology, Holy Stone Enterprises, ANFA Anti-Aging and Prevention Clinic, King stone Books, Eslite, NuSkin, AMWAY, Herbalife, Sun Rider, Enrich, SKAL Club, Many Rotary, Toastmaster, and Lions Clubs, Madina, Marie Claire, SK 2, Clinique, YSL, L’Oreal, Revlon, Lancome, ION cosmetics, Orbis, Madam Figaro (Magazine), Orient Beauty (Magazine), China Times Newspaper, Lin Li studios, Angel Face Spa Group HK, Being Spa and Fitness Centers, Elizabeth Arden, Apivita, Aesop, MyStory, AIG – Nan Shan Life Insurance, Unicorn jewelry, Bank Sinopac, Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank, and many other groups.